Battery Park P.S./I.S. 276 Take Green To A New Level

Battery Park city’s new P.S./I.S. 276 school opened as the greenest in Manhattan but just how green or sustainable are they? The school had solar panels installed that will generate 50 percent of their electricity. Students are instructed to use the double-fulsh toilets, using only the more water option when needed. There are reminders places all over the school about when to recycle, when to reuse and how taking the stairs is good for the environment and each of us. Yesterday principal Terri Ruyter took it to a new level by sticking her hand into a large tub of compostable dirt/soil with hard working earthworms devouring scraps. Teaching the students now how they can help the environment is an important part of P.S./I.S. 276. You can read the full story here.

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